Pretty alien character design!

Little Red character design study just for fun!

Saw this little guy n my walk to the gym this morning!

It’s my favorite time of the year again… SHARK WEEK!

Krang for @sketch_dailies!!!

Birthday present for my momma!

Late Hamburglar rough for @sketch_dailies !!

Fish study!! I wonder how they got so colorful!

Quick little Tigger for yesterday’s @sketch_dailies!!

Saw this cute couple in Boston when I was visiting my fabulous friend and fellow illustrator, @mlmiotke!!

A few more studies!!

Some fun little environment studies!! Hoping to do more of these soon!!

Background study warms ups!

Just experimenting (15-30 mins each)

Happy Batman Day!!!!

For yesterday’s @Sketch_Dailies and also in honor of one of my favorite movies!